Break Free of 5s Audit Paperwork, Forever

Audit software built to help you run your audit program like a well-oiled machine

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No More Piles of Paper

Scan a QR Code and submit your audit. Say goodbye to tedious data-entry.

Fix Issues For Good

Auditors can attach flags, helping you identify and fix issues.

Easily Identify Trends

Visualize (and easily share) your audit program with Reports, Line Charts and Radar Charts.

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Paperwork, Data-entry and Errors are Costing You

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You want to run a great Audit Program but you’re being held back with an outdated system. Why not test out our modern 5s Audit App? 

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Try AuditShine’s quick set-up software and see the difference!

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Great Reviews

We’ve worked with some wonderful companies over the years…


“…customer service has been great, I really feel like they want our CI program to succeed, they really care.”

Todd Burnett,
Operational Excellence Executive
GF Plastics, Oklahoma

“AuditShine is a modern, fast way to do 5s or 6s audits. With this 5s audit software – there’s no more collecting paper audits and no more tedious data-entry!”

Audit efficiently and effectively with AuditShine

Save Time and Money

Audit 3x faster than with paper + Excel. Go deeper by easily adding photos and notes.

Instant Charts & Insights

AuditShine generates the charts and reports you need in just a couple of clicks. View on screen or print for your 5s or 6s audit board.

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Discover and Fix Issues

Our Flags feature helps you view issues and common problems. Fix those issues and boost your standards, compliance and output.

Sustain Improvements

Notifications and reminders (coming soon) help ensure you sustain the progress you’ve made with your audit program.

No more...

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We provide custom QR codes to enable rapid access to your audit form. 

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Multiple different audit question formats are available – multiple choice, Yes/No, rating scale, free-form text.

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It's Easy to Test AuditShine

You can do it yourself or schedule a call

Moving away from paper audits = low-hanging (sustainability) fruit!

Revolutionize your auditing with our eco-friendly software app, designed to replace paper audits. Streamline your processes, meet corporate sustainability goals, and contribute to a greener future with our user-friendly, efficient solution. Read more

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