AuditShine - Features

Transform the way you do audits

Customizable Checklists

We'll help you tailor your checklists to your specific needs

Charts & insights

Visualize the results of your audits

Easy Setup

We can get your current audit sheets imported into our software.

No More Piles of Paper

Move to a modern, easy to use system.

Top class Support

Phone or email 24/7.


Extract reports in Excel or PDF format

Customized Audit Forms

Easily move from paper to a neat electronic audit form. Re-create your existing audit forms in just a few minutes. 

Reports give you immediate visability

See trends (good and bad). Visualize how all areas of your facility are doing. 

Find and Fix issues - with Flags

The Flags feature enables auditors to highlight issues and problems. Action can then be taken to eliminate those problems.

6s Audit form with image

Your paper-based audits are inefficient and out-dated

Audits should be a shining example of how things should be done – fast, efficient, modern. Doing audits on paper is none of those things. It’s time to upgrade.

Import your
audit sheets (we help!)

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